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Indexing Issue - Dictionary


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I'm getting an index out IndexOutOfRange Exception, here is my code in vb6:

Public Function GetDelimitedWord(ByVal pvstrInput As String, _
                                 ByVal pvintItem As Integer, _
                                 ByVal pvstrDelim As String) As String

    Const lcstrPROC_NAME As String = "GetDelimitedWord"

    Dim lvintCounter As Integer
    Dim lvintNewStartPos As Integer
    Dim lvintStartPos As Integer
    Dim lvintEndPos As Integer

    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

    lvintCounter = 1
    lvintStartPos = 1

    For lvintCounter = 2 To pvintItem
        lvintNewStartPos = InStr(lvintStartPos, pvstrInput, pvstrDelim) + 1

        If lvintNewStartPos < lvintStartPos Then
            lvintStartPos = Len(pvstrInput) + 1
            Exit For
            lvintStartPos = lvintNewStartPos
        End If

    Next lvintCounter

    lvintEndPos = InStr(lvintStartPos, pvstrInput, pvstrDelim) - 1

    If lvintEndPos <= 0 Then
        lvintEndPos = Len(pvstrInput)
    End If

    GetDelimitedWord = Mid$(pvstrInput, lvintStartPos, lvintEndPos - lvintStartPos + 1)

    Exit Function
    NonContextErrorRaise mcstrMODULE_NAME, lcstrPROC_NAME, Err.Number, Err.Source, Err.Description
    Resume ExitHandler
End Function

And here is the code generated by the tool:

internal static string GetDelimitedWord(string pvstrInput, int pvintItem, string pvstrDelim)
  const string lcstrPROC_NAME = "GetDelimitedWord";
  string result2 = "";

  int lvintCounter = 0;
  int lvintNewStartPos = 0;
  int lvintStartPos = 0;
  int lvintEndPos = 0;


    lvintCounter = 1;
    lvintStartPos = 1;

    int tempForEndVar = pvintItem;
    for (lvintCounter = 2; lvintCounter <= tempForEndVar; lvintCounter++)
      lvintNewStartPos = Strings.InStr(lvintStartPos, pvstrInput, pvstrDelim, CompareMethod.Binary) + 1;

      if (lvintNewStartPos < lvintStartPos)
        lvintStartPos = Strings.Len(pvstrInput) + 1;
        lvintStartPos = lvintNewStartPos;


    lvintEndPos = Strings.InStr(lvintStartPos, pvstrInput, pvstrDelim, CompareMethod.Binary) - 1;

    if (lvintEndPos <= 0)
      lvintEndPos = Strings.Len(pvstrInput);

    result2 = pvstrInput.Substring(lvintStartPos - 1, Math.Min(lvintEndPos - lvintStartPos + 1, pvstrInput.Length - (lvintStartPos - 1)));
  catch (Exception theException)


  return result2;


I have similar code in over 100 places in my code, how can I solve it?


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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your question, 

I'm part of the Support Team.

I was testing your code, but I was not able to replicate the exception: "indexOutOfRange", or similar, 
In other words, your source code works properly, however, Could you please help us doing an example? (Just the parameters that you are sending to generate the issue)

Kind Regards

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