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  2. arthurmicheal

    VBU.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...

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  3. MindySchoen

    unresolved reference

    Hi. I am new to this product. I am trying to convert a vb6 app. IMA am getting an unresolved reference error. Any help is appreciated! the reference is {831FDD16....... (pleae see attached image) Thank you, Mindy
  4. pritiwebmaster

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  5. pritiwebmaster

    plumbing service in Dubai

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  6. AlbertoEspinoza

    23K lines of code license

    Hi, You can contact our sales department via email for more information, info@mobilize.net
  7. mtallon

    23K lines of code license

    Hello, I need to convert to .NET C# and old program in VB6, Miamod (Mortality and Incidence Analysis MODel - http://www.eurocare.it/MiamodPiamod/tabid/60/Default.aspx), a free software ad hoc developed by Italian National Health Institute in consultation with the Surveillance Research Program of the Division of Cancer and Population Sciences (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda USA) for estimating incidence and prevalence from population-based Cancer Registries data. It is about 23K lines of code (please find the attached assessment report. ). How much does it cost a license? Assessment-Miamod V 2.1.0-201811150807.zip
  8. squidmb

    dataform.ocx will not register

    I am using a Windows 10 system for the conversion to VB.net. Most has gone swimmingly, but I get "Did not find a registered ActiveX control in ....\dataform.ocx" error in the new build. dataform.ocx was missing from the project, so I downloaded version (file size 529 kB, date modified 06/24/1998 1:00 AM) from Microsoft and placed it in C:\Windows\SysWow64. Then I attempted to register it using Regsvr32.exe. I get the error "Module dataform.ocx was loaded but the call to DLLRegisterServer failed with error code 0x80004005". The 0x80004005 error code means there is a permissions problem. However, I am logged in as an administrator AND ran the program as Administrator. I have tried un-registering it (same error). Any suggestions? Getting rid of dataform.ocx altogether is an option, but I'm not sure what that involves (what VB.net substitutions are needed for the wrapped-up VB6 ActiveX needs). Thanks, Dave
  9. John Browne

    Missing .dll Upon Conversion

    Look in the VBUC references screen to see if that DLL was referenced by your original VB6 project. The VBUC would not create this--it's some kind of private library, not a Microsoft .NET library.
  10. abowlin

    Missing .dll Upon Conversion

    That makes sense, but my concern is that AMB_Test5Support.dll does not exist. It is not in the upgrade folder created by the VBUC and was not a previously existing .dll on my computer. Is it possible the VBUC should have created the .dll but in fact did not?
  11. John Browne

    Missing .dll Upon Conversion

    Visual Studio is telling you that you have a dependency on a DLL (AMB_Test5Support.dll) that it can't find in the location listed in your project file. Check your development environment and point VS to the correct path for that DLL and you should be ok.
  12. abowlin

    Missing .dll Upon Conversion

    Converting a vb6 program into a vb.net program appeared to be successful, but upon attempting to build the program in visual studio 2017, I am getting the error below. It appears that a .dll has not been created by the conversion software. How can I create this .dll or how can I configure the conversion tool to create the .dll successfully? Error BC2017 could not find library 'C:\Users\abowlin\Documents\Anthony M. Bowlin (2018)\Jobs\TRW Msetup Conversion 2\TRW Lebanon Version_.Net\Upgraded\AMB_Test5Support\bin\Debug\AMB_Test5Support.dll'
  13. Dear VBUC, I have problem when build solution. Could not load file Interop.StdType. I choose .NET Framework 4.0 Please help me!
  14. Hi Romeo, If during the download process you were not prompt to register please go to the following form https://www.mobilize.net/vbuc-free-trial and then either use the download button with the email you will receive or use the file you’ll get in the email after filling-out the form. Please let me know if this works. Regards, OlmanQ
  15. Hi Romeo, We studied your case and it seems it happened for two possible reasons. 1) It seems like you skipped the form to register in Mobilize. 2) The second possibility could be you used a different email from step 1. Please let me know if it fixes your problem.
  16. Hi VUBC, I have a problem. When i download free trial my PC always show dialog "Could not find a trial license associated to the specified email" Please check license file. Thank.
  17. Romeo

    Trial version

    Hi Will, I have same proble. Please send me license. Can you help me please.
  18. OlmanQuesada

    Problem with upgrade

    Hi Astrid, In regards with the first error in Windows 7, please follow the next steps: [Workarround Steps] 1. Open a Windows command prompt with administrator privileges 2. Go the Mobilize.Net VBUC folder, where the binary files are located. It is very possible this folder is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mobilize.Net Visual Basic Upgrade Companion\” 3. Execute the following commands: Vbu.exe /regserver C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe ArtinSoft.VisualBasic.UpgradeExtensions.dll C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe VBUpgrade.Engine.dll C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe VBUpgrade.Utils.dll C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe ResxManager.dll C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe VBUpgrade.OcxStateGenerator.dll I'd like to review with you the Dot Net class issue. Would you be available for a remote session at this moment? If so, this is the zoom URL https://mobilize.zoom.us/j/383181282 Otherwise, we can coordinate a session for Tuesday next week just let me now your availability. Regards, OlmanQ
  19. Astrid

    Problem with upgrade

    Thank you for the Response. We use Win7 prof. Now here is the screenshot of this Problem: We tested it also on a new Win 7 prof Installation. On this it works well. We are not entirely satisfied with the result, since we address a new Dot Net class in this project and the translator did not recognize it and correctly linked it.
  20. OlmanQuesada

    Problem with upgrade

    Hello Astrid, Are you migrating the code using Windows 10 or any other windows version? Please send us an screenshots of the Solution and Resolve Reference section of the VBUC. The issue may be caused because there's a missing reference in the VB6 code (DLL with CLSID 11C67C12-105A-4F42-A5C8-CB9070F2855A). Thanks, Olman Q
  21. Astrid

    Problem with upgrade

    Hello, I want to test the converter with your sample code, but the conversion fails ever at the option upgrade. The upgrade log shows always the error of the com-classfactory. How can the problem be solved? VBUMLOGFILE.log
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