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  2. Visual Basic supports a way to call external classes with the CreateObject() function. The function takes a class name as a parameter. Here's an example: Dim ExcelSheet As Object Set ExcelSheet = CreateObject("Excel.Sheet") In this case, the parameter for the function is a string literal ("Excel.Sheet") and the VBUC will migrate the VB6 code correctly. However... Suppose you have this VB6 code: Const XL = "Excel.Sheet" [some code] CreateObject(XL) In this case the VBUC will display the error "CreateObjects statements using a variable instead of a literal s
  3. Hello Prasad, Please reach out to us at [email protected] where we can assign you an account manager and a solutions architect that will help you with a license you can use in production and a support package that can help you complete the modernization successfully. - Will
  4. Thank you. I'm able to build and and run the application. but still there are some issues. Would that be possible to provide some assistance from your end? Regards, Prasad
  5. Hi It looks like your application is ready to be opened. - PreProcessInfo contains info compiled by the VBUC regarding the source application. - Upgraded. Folder with the C# converted code - UpgradedSupport. Folder with herlper classes required by the converted code. You can now go to Upgraded folder and open the VS.Net solution contained there and check the C# code. Regards, OlmanQ
  6. Thank you. I have converted one VB application into c#. please find the target location. here i can see three folder. which one needs to be considered? where i need to add the App.Config file?
  7. You're welcome. The current version of the VBUC doesn't have 4.8 as an option, but selecting 4.7.2 will not prevent you from using it. It will be updated once you open it in Visual Studio. - Will
  8. Thank you so much. I was trying the free trail for converting VB 6.0 to .NET. I have .NET 4.8 version installed in my desktop, but in tool, i couldnt see the target version as 4.8. Am I missing something?
  9. Hello, thanks for your interest in our tools. Let me try to address your questions: MSDN: The license will let you migrate one application of up to 10,000 lines of code and put it into production. 1. The recommendation is to go with the latest version of the Framework, however it is important to note that .NET Core / .NET 5 don't have support for all the libraries and you might need some additional manual work. Things such as remoting (when converting COM+ objects) or the VB compatibility libraries will not work there. Also, some third party libraries might not have .NET Core su
  10. We have a few legacy applications developed using Classic ASP and Visual Basic. Now we are thinking to migrate these applications into .NET(4.8/.NET Core/.NET 5.0/.NET 6.0). We are looking for some information regarding the Licensing part. I have seen that if we have MSDC subscription, free license will be provided for converting upto 10000 lines of code. Questions are below 1. What are the recommendations in terms of choosing .NET version for migrations. 2. Would that be possible to use the same free license for multiple applications with lines of code less than or equal to 10k?
  11. Hi Art, Those features are limited by the browser and the path info of the file is not accessible due to security reasons so different workarounds have to be analyzed. If you want to get more information about this product you can reach our sales engineers in our chat area in Mobilize.net.
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  13. I have an ASP.net legacy application that relies heavily on asp:fileupload. We have servers with millions of graphic images in millions of directories and sub directories. When an image needs changing, the user clicks browse for file button and the standard file dialog comes up. Once the requestor selects the image, file path information including the file name is stored in a ticket/database. This way a graphic artist can find the image to fix. So, if the file is g:\media\images\test.png, the ticket/database will contain g:\media\images\test.png and NOT g:\fakepath\test.png. I do know this is
  14. Hi, This exception is related to late-binding in VB.NET. In this case strGrpName (defined as object in the method definition) is resolved as string in runtime. There're a few options: 1. If strGrpName is always an string, then change its type from object to string in the parameter definition. This will imply the offending line has to be modified as follows: spmGrp.Value = strGrpName 2. If there's not certainty on the real type for strGrpName: it could be strng, integer or any other datatype, then, the offending line could be modified as follows: If (TypeOf strGrpNa
  15. After conversion SMP function fails on below highlighted code VB6 Code:Public Function If VBA.IsObject(strGrpName) = Fa GetSPMProp(ByVal strGrpName As Variant, _ ByVal strPrpName As String, _ ByRef blnExists As Boolean) As Variant Dim spmGrp As COMSVCSLib.SharedPropertyGroup Dim spmPrp As COMSVCSLib.SharedProperty Dim blnGrpExists As Boolean ' get the SPM group lse Then Set spmGrp = GetSPMGroup(LockSetGet, strGrpName, blnGrpExists) Else Set spmGrp = strGrpName
  16. Can you post the before and after code (VB6 and C#)?
  17. I have converted my vb6 code to c#, after conversion i ran the application and i am getting below for CopyMemory function in kernal32.cs Marshal.StructureToPtr(Dest, source, true) Error: System.AccessVoilationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
  18. Hello Senthil, could you provide more information like operative system (Windows, MacOS) and SnowConvert version? another important question is if this exception was thrown the first time that you run SnowConvert or you already ran several times?
  19. In Snowconvert, input an sql file and getting the below exception in step 1. Critical: Error executing task ConversionBeginTask: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. StackTrace = at Mobilize.Common.Store.SqliteStorage.Init()
  20. BobE

    License Costs?

    We realize that it can be off-putting to not be able to provide pricing without learning more about your application. In order to provide pricing for the standard VBUC license, we rely on our assessment tools to determine the size of the application. Size is measured in effective lines of code (ELOC). ELOC ignores blank and comment lines. You can download the assessment tool from here: https://studio.mobilize.net/Assessment/DownloadOfflineAssessmentWizard. Once you've sent us the zipped assessment results, we can turn around pricing options fairly quickly. The report will also provide informat
  21. Frank

    License Costs?

    Dear sirs. Is there a page on your website where I can see up front the cost of the License?. The truth is that almost no real project is under 10k lines. I would like to know this first before running any trial/test which requires time and research to finally decide if this is the right tool regading cost/benefit. Thanks and best regards.
  22. Hello @Vero I'm reviewing your scenario, and I have some questions, Do you have the legacy application running on any machine? First scenario -- We need to check the reference in order to validate if we can delete the reference. Second scenario -- The reference is used, it means that the references are mandatory to migrate the project using the VBuC tool Third scenario -- if you have the migrated project, but is not compiling? we need to check the references to include the legacy reference or try to replace the reference to use a .Net version. Kind Reg
  23. Hello Prasad, Sorry for the late response. You can use the Profiler tool that comes in VS.NEt to determine bottlenecks and performance issues. In regards with the RecordsetHelper, this is an enhanced .NET Dataset component that emulates the classic ADO recordset used in VB6. Performance issues may be related to the querie itself, infrastructure issues of the machine where either the .NET app or the DBMS are running. Also, there's a specific feature in the RecordsetHelper may affect the performance, so I'm going to elaborate deeper on this: In VB6, when a recordset is
  24. Hi Team, We recently converted our VB6 application to C# using the mobilize.net tool. After the conversion we are seeing issues in the performance as compared to how it was with VB6. All DB related function of select, insert, update or calling SP's seems to be taking more time. One reason which we felt was because of the recordset helper, which iterates through a number of Open() function and then finally does the execute. Any idea or changes which might help improve the performance. Thanks in advance. Prasad
  25. Hi OlmanQuesada, Is there any update on it ?? client is getting it regularly on their production system.
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