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  1. Hello @Vero I'm reviewing your scenario, and I have some questions, Do you have the legacy application running on any machine? First scenario -- We need to check the reference in order to validate if we can delete the reference. Second scenario -- The reference is used, it means that the references are mandatory to migrate the project using the VBuC tool Third scenario -- if you have the migrated project, but is not compiling? we need to check the references to include the legacy reference or try to replace the reference to use a .Net version. Kind Regards.
  2. Hi Charlie, Thanks for your question, I'm part of the Support Team. I was testing your code, but I was not able to replicate the exception: "indexOutOfRange", or similar, In other words, your source code works properly, however, Could you please help us doing an example? (Just the parameters that you are sending to generate the issue) Kind Regards
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