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Found 2 results

  1. VB6 code: If svrqAuthorise Is Nothing Then lvstrSQL = "" ASQL lvstrSQL, "UPDATE tblEEntityDuplicates" ASQL lvstrSQL, "SET" ASQL lvstrSQL, "AuthorisedBy1 = " & FormatSQL(pvobjContext.UserID) & "," ASQL lvstrSQL, AuditSQL(pvobjContext, ecSQLbuilder.UpdateModifyFields) & "," ASQL lvstrSQL, "ProcessStatus = 1 ," ASQL lvstrSQL, "ProcessStatusMessage = 'Authorised 1'" ASQL lvstrSQL, "WHERE EntityRefToMoveFrom = ?" Set svrqAuthorise = New ADODB.Command svrqAuthorise.CommandText = lvstrSQL svrqAuth
  2. I'm getting an index out IndexOutOfRange Exception, here is my code in vb6: Public Function GetDelimitedWord(ByVal pvstrInput As String, _ ByVal pvintItem As Integer, _ ByVal pvstrDelim As String) As String Const lcstrPROC_NAME As String = "GetDelimitedWord" Dim lvintCounter As Integer Dim lvintNewStartPos As Integer Dim lvintStartPos As Integer Dim lvintEndPos As Integer On Error GoTo ErrorHandler lvintCounter = 1 lvintStartPos = 1 For lvintCounter = 2 To pvintItem lvintNewSt
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