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rs.Properties("Unique Table")


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Hi Olman,

We populate the recordset with a join of table1 and table2. In some other place in code we need to delete the record from table1. In order to do it we use rs.delete. Without rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table1" the recordset will delete the records from both tables and not just table1.

Please let me know if it's still not clear.



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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi Michael,

ADO.Net does not provide a direct way to achieve that, so the migrated code should be modified to get a similar result.
As the ADORecordsetHelper inherits from a Dataset, the properties of that class could be used:

Given rs is a ADORecordsetHelper you can try the following:
DataRow rowDel=ds.Tables["table1"].Rows[<IndexOfTheRowToDelete>];



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