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  1. MichaelLotosh

    Documentation for UpgradeHelper projects

    I get expected results with or without "exec" keyword. It's just with "exec" keyword I get results 10 times faster. With "exec" keyword the code enters first "if" statement in getCommandType function and exits function right away. Without "exec" keyword the code continues to get DB schema which takes long time. Like I said before, It would be nice to have some documentation to better understand if some functions needs to be modified/removed in UpgradeHelper projects. Here is the sample code that I use to populate recordset: ADORecordSetHelper rs = new ADORecordSetHelper(""); DbConnection connCurrent = UpgradeHelpers.DB.AdoFactoryManager.GetFactory().CreateConnection(); rs.CursorLocation = mCursorLocation; connCurrent.ConnectionString = ConnectionString; connCurrent.Open(); DbCommand TempCommand = null; TempCommand = connCurrent.CreateCommand(); TempCommand.CommandText = "SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF"; TempCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(); rs.Open(SQLQuery, connCurrent, mLockType); rs.ActiveConnection = null; UpgradeHelpers.DB.TransactionManager.DeEnlist(connCurrent); connCurrent.Close(); connCurrent = null; return rs;
  2. MichaelLotosh

    Documentation for UpgradeHelper projects

    Hello, Do you have any documentation for UpgradeHelper projects? I just had an issue with ADORecordSetHelper.getCommandType function. Our project calls stored procedures without "exec" keyword. getCommandType function is trying to load db schema in order to identify CommandType. Each query loads about 10 times slower with this function. You normally don't see the difference if the form is using couple of SP calls, but on heavy DB forms the difference could be several seconds! getCommandType function even after loading DB schema still ignores SPs and assigns default "Text" type to CommandType. It would've been nice to know before that we don't need this function since it assigns "Text" type to all DB calls anyway.
  3. MichaelLotosh

    rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hi Olman, We populate the recordset with a join of table1 and table2. In some other place in code we need to delete the record from table1. In order to do it we use rs.delete. Without rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table1" the recordset will delete the records from both tables and not just table1. Please let me know if it's still not clear. Thanks, Michael
  4. MichaelLotosh

    rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hello, VBUC didn't convert the code: rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table_name" Do you have any recommendations how to handle it? Thanks, Michael

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