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  1. We populate the recordset with a join of table1 and table2. In some other place in the code, we need to update the record from table1. Without rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table1" the recordset will update the records from both tables and not just table1. It then calls the method, getProperties, which is in the NotUpgradedHelper class.
  2. Hello, VBUC didn't convert the code: rs.getProperties().Item("Unique Table").setValue("tableColumnName"); Do you have any recommendations on how to handle it?
  3. How would one modify the code to get similar results for an Update method? Currently, the method goes as follows: "AdoRecordSetHelper.getProperties().Item("Unique Table").setValue("table");" Thanks
  4. Hey Olman, Just discovered the small error - the class that in which the object is instantiated from has a property of a single dimensional array. It's now fixed, but I've attached snippet if you're still interested. Thanks, Kevin castArrayError.cs
  5. Error occurs on line 74. Comments above, from line 69 -71. Thanks, Kevin VBUC_CastArray_Sample.cs
  6. When attempting to cast multidimensional arrays, I get the error, "Additional information: AIS-Exception. Cannot cast a System.String[,] to a System.String[]". This occurs in the ArraysHelper class, under the method, "public static TA CastArray<TA>(Array srcArray) where TA : class". The method works fine when passing single dimensional arrays.
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