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Conversion of System is not done


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Hey I installed the tool from: http://www.mobilize.net/download-silverlight-bridge and followed the requirements, VS2015 update 1, winrt SDK, OS is win7. 

But the changes seems broke, I have errors with everything from int, strings to not existing constructors. Everything seems wrong?

I get a whoping 5500 Errors, for one of my projects :/ And nearly all the errors are because of system, has not been defined. In addition all references seems to not exist. What is wrong here?


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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

In the image you attached there is a combobox that says "Build + Intellisense", can you change it to Build only? if errors are reduced dramatically then it it probable that some xaml file that is not properly generated. 

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It dramatically reduces the errors, but the errors are to many different XAML files. It ends up with mostly Galasoft. Based on your proposal with xaml issues I have reinstalled everything including VS2015.

After reinstalling everything and running it again. Build is 65 Errors and Intellisense is 265.

Much better ! Now I will have to look at them more carefully before saying any issues.

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Running it on other projects, I get the several thousand errors again, referring to the system, which are intellisense related. 

Rebuilding a couple of times, closing and reopening the program a couple more and the error number drops by a factor 10. Instead of 7xxx errors it is down to 7xx.

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