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  1. Please try this one: https://github.com/Microsoft/msbuild/issues/778 Regards, Olman
  2. Hi ! UWP Silverlight Bridge works on Microsoft Windows Phone Silverlight apps (version 8.0 and 8.1), in your post you are mentioning Windows 8.1 Universal App, if your app is that kind then it is not covered by Silverlight Bridge to UWP so far. Is that your case?
  3. Hi Eitan ! Right now we are not supporting C# 6 new features, can you verify if code in line 145 of ObjectDumper contains one of them? Can you just post the line? Artinsoft.Common.Tools.SMException: Exception [Invalid STATEMENT EXPRESSION @(145, 29). Last valid token was 'var' at (145, 25), failed token 't' at (145, 29)]. Current file 'C:\tmp\myBills\myBills\Misc\ObjectDumper.cs'. --- Regards, Olman
  4. Hi HohanB ! Current tool version does not support Windows Runtime Component type projects, is your project of this kind?
  5. About the portable library .. is it part of the project or are you referencing its generated dll?
  6. Great news ! Let us know if you find any other issue.
  7. In the image you attached there is a combobox that says "Build + Intellisense", can you change it to Build only? if errors are reduced dramatically then it it probable that some xaml file that is not properly generated.
  8. Hi Tillball ! We published a new version of the tool with a fix that should address the exception reported in MigrationLog.txt file you attached, Can you downloaded it again and try it ? http://www.mobilize.net/silverlight Regads, Olman
  9. Hi AC ! System.Security.Cryptography namespace changed considerably between UWP and WIndows Phone SL APIs. There is not current mapping for it in the tool so you need to refactor your code in order to make it compile and run with the new API. I hope it helps you ! Regards, Olman
  10. Hi ! Have you setup the UWP SKD from here: https://dev.windows.com/en-us/downloads/windows-10-sdk ?
  11. Sorry for the late response, are you still having the problem? Can you paste your OS, Visual Studio and Phone Tools versions?
  12. Can you share with us the "C:\work\TheStockGame\TheStockGame Client\Utilities\HistoryGraph.cs" file? you can email it to me to [email protected]
  13. This is a bug, already fixed. Files should be in same zip file you download from Studio. Studio publication still pending. Jorge Fallas is going to send you the files in the meantime.
  14. We were able to reproduce a similar problem for Community Edition only. It seems that standard installer is not able to remove previously installed Visual Studio Extension, can you open in Visual Studio the |Tools|Extensions and Updates menu options and verify if Mobilize.NET's Windows Bridge for WP Silverlight is installed? if so please remove it and try setup again. I attached a sample image. Please let me know your results. Regards, Olman
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