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Random opening of Winforms


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We have got complaints from our client that they do get some random window pop-ups while working on application. Those random opening windows shows their last action perform on those forms before they were closed. It seems like there is issue in framework which brings back the previously closed forms. 

We don't have any steps to reproduce it since we don't see it happening on development environment. we have seen similar issue few months back and it use to happen when there is an error on page and once we start continuing to work all previously closed forms shows up randomly while opening of other screens. To get it fixed we have to clear the cache. Now this is happening on client side most of the times. 

Is there any way we can fix it ? 

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Hi OlmanQuesada,

We have checked with client and recorded video session which shows random opening of forms. If you see the last part of the video when user clicks on book icon to open up manufacturer screen, there are 2 random screens showing up and which they have to close and then it leads to the main form which was expected to be opened on click.

They say it happens with other screens also not only manufacturer screen.

Please find attached file.


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