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FlexGrid - Auto Scroll Issue


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In our project we have a custom form which can find the text string on grid and focus the row to the user. It makes use of FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex , property to scroll to that particular row once match is found. This functionality works fine when we do the search initially but in case after searching the record if we scroll up or down far away from the current selected row which has the record searched previously and tries to search it again , code shows the right index and set's the FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex , but on UI auto scroll doesn't works. It should have scrolled to the record found. if we try to click on other rows to change the current index of grid and try again it works fine. 


Please find attached email for more details.

code snippet below:-

 if (!strGrid.Rows[i - 1].Properties().Displayed)
                   strGrid.Properties().FirstDisplayedScrollingRowIndex = i;

FW_ FlexGrid scroll.msg

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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi Nishant, We've been reviewing the issue and the code snippet. Can you provide us mofre details about the file where that code snippet is located. We look for that into our framework and the migrated code of you applicaiton but we were unable to find that piece of code. 


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