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Not able to drag window once it is maximized and restored to normal size


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We are facing issue with dragging of open window. It works fine on first attempt when screen is loaded for the first time , once we maximize the window and restore window to normal size it stops working. we are not able to drag it anymore if we want to move the form to see other screen elements. This is related to Kendo-Window.


Steps to reproduce

1> Open any window from the top menu.

2> Drag the window from title bar and it will work fine.

3> Maximize the window.

4> Restore window again to previous state by clicking Minimize button

5> Drag the window and it wont allow user to move  anymore.



Nishant Joshi


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Hi Nishant,

Thanks for communicating with us. Can you please share with me which version of WebMap and other packages are you using? You can find the package versions of your application in the package.json file of the Angular project.

Can you also attach a screenshot of your browser's console log so we can check what the issue may be.



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Hi Nathalia,

Please find copy of package json below. I don't see anything getting logged in console. i am attaching the email with details on how to reproduce the issue.


  "scripts": {
    "start""ng serve",
    "build""ng build --prod",
    "test""ng test",
    "lint""ng lint",
    "e2e""ng e2e"
  "dependencies": {
  "devDependencies": {

Screen Drag Issue.msg

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Dear Nishant,

We found that the issue is caused by a customization made to our window component. The class applied in the vm-window-custom.ts and defined in the style.css causes the window position to be fixed.


Let me know if you need that code or if it can be updated so that the problem won't occur anymore. 

Best regards,

Nathalia Ortega

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Hi Nathalia,

Thanks for looking into it. Yes it worked after removing the mentioned class. There was an requirement from client in which restoring of window was overlapping the button which we have below the menu options , so to provide space on top of window , class was created. 

Is there any way we can mention top padding for window to apply when they are restored so that they wont interfere ?


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