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unresolved reference


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Hi Mindy,

Whenever you have a reference like this, the best way to figure out what it refers to is by searching your registry for that GUID.

This particular one shows as referencing the mscomctl.ocx ActiveX in my computer:


You can also try with a Google search and if it's a known file you should find it easily.

This is an uncommon issue and it typically happens if you try to run the migration in an environment different to the development environment (which is the recommendation).

- Will


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On 10/16/2020 at 11:07 AM, Vero said:

I am having the same problem with two unresolved references. I do not have access to the developer environment and I honestly don't think anyone I am working with does. Is there a way to just ignore the reference? or delete? So I can at least still get some converted code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


Thank you!

Hello @Vero

I'm reviewing your scenario, and I have some questions,

Do you have the legacy application running on any machine?

First scenario
-- We need to check the reference in order to validate if we can delete the reference.

Second scenario

-- The reference is used, it means that the references are mandatory to migrate the project using the VBuC tool

Third scenario

-- if you have the migrated project, but is not compiling? we need to check the references to include the legacy reference or try to replace the reference to use a .Net version.

Kind Regards.

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