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Missing .dll Upon Conversion


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Converting a vb6 program into a vb.net program appeared to be successful, but upon attempting to build the program in visual studio 2017, I am getting the error below. It appears that a .dll has not been created by the conversion software. How can I create this .dll or how can I configure the conversion tool to create the .dll successfully?

Error    BC2017    could not find library 'C:\Users\abowlin\Documents\Anthony M. Bowlin (2018)\Jobs\TRW Msetup Conversion 2\TRW Lebanon Version_.Net\Upgraded\AMB_Test5Support\bin\Debug\AMB_Test5Support.dll'

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  • Mobilize.Net Staff
1 hour ago, abowlin said:

That makes sense, but my concern is that AMB_Test5Support.dll does not exist. It is not in the upgrade folder created by the VBUC and was not a previously existing .dll on my computer. Is it possible the VBUC should have created the .dll but in fact did not?

Look in the VBUC references screen to see if that DLL was referenced by your original VB6 project. The VBUC would not create this--it's some kind of private library, not a Microsoft .NET library. 


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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

During the conversion, the VBUC will generate a Support project as part of the migration.

This Support project will contain the stub methods generated by the tool as well as all the API calls which are extracted by the tool and centralized in a single project.

The manual process of the migration should start by compiling the helper classes (if you included them as source) and then compiling the Support project. After this you can begin compiling the migrated projects (which will likely have a reference to the support project).


I hope this helps.


- Will

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