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  1. That makes sense, but my concern is that AMB_Test5Support.dll does not exist. It is not in the upgrade folder created by the VBUC and was not a previously existing .dll on my computer. Is it possible the VBUC should have created the .dll but in fact did not?
  2. Converting a vb6 program into a vb.net program appeared to be successful, but upon attempting to build the program in visual studio 2017, I am getting the error below. It appears that a .dll has not been created by the conversion software. How can I create this .dll or how can I configure the conversion tool to create the .dll successfully? Error BC2017 could not find library 'C:\Users\abowlin\Documents\Anthony M. Bowlin (2018)\Jobs\TRW Msetup Conversion 2\TRW Lebanon Version_.Net\Upgraded\AMB_Test5Support\bin\Debug\AMB_Test5Support.dll'
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