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Can I migrate .Net code that uses COM InterOp components?


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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

It really depends on the type of component and whether it is already supported by WebMap.

You can verify if a specific component is supported by reviewing the "Overall Readiness" chart when you upload the assessment for the project you want to migrate. If the component members (Properties, Methods and Events) are displayed in the red or yellow categories, they are not yet supported.

For visual components, they will need to have an existing "mapping" to an equivalent HTML component. This can be done by Mobilize.Net's team through a customization to the tool, you will need to contact us to give you a quote on each specific mapping.

If the component is a "logic" library, it can still be used on the server side, bear in mind that the component will need to be registered on the web server and this might complicate the deployment process of the migrated Web application and it might be worth creating a mapping even if the component still works through COM Interop.

Another thing to take into consideration when using COM components (and in general any external library on the server-side) is that once the application is migrated using WebMap, it will stop being a stateful application and become stateless. This means that if you had logic that created an object and kept it available for multiple user interactions, this behavior will have to be adapted to a stateless environment, creating some logic to re-create the components with each user interaction.

Please let me know if you want more information and we can set a call to review your application and define the best strategies for your migration.

- Will

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