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  1. Hi, The .Net code that I am planning to migrate to HTML5 has some COM InterOp components. How are they migrated across? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am a newbie and somehow ramping up on HTML5 dev world. Actually, I have been given the task at work to find a fastest way to get our app to the cloud. I have now obtained the migrated code. Do you have a recommended environment, configuration or installation process I should follow to proceed with the evaluation of this migrated code? I mainly interested in understanding how much this code would differ from code I would have written from scratch. Also, is this code production ready? Thanks!
  3. I found the answer myself. I deleted the solution and resubmitted it again.
  4. I can see a lot of great stuff in the Preview tab of my Migration Solutions. However, I can see just a small part of the output code. I would like to understand further the architecture of the output code. Where can I find it? Thanks!
  5. My overall readiness pie chart shows red and yellow portions. I really want to use WebMAP in my project as I have a very tied schedule and limited budget to deliver it as an HTML5 app. What can I do to reduce these red and yellow areas so that the output will need less custom work? Can I create my own Custom Packages? If so, can I submit them back to Studio.Mobilize.Net to run another assessment and get a new Overall Readiness result? How do I know which are the problematic PMEs I need to address via Custom Packages? How do I know which are the red PMEs? What is Mobilize.Net recommendation regarding red PMEs?
  6. Migration successfully finished, and preview was fine. I want to inspect the output code further, and also run it on my side. How do I do that?
  7. isanabria

    Progress bar

    Hi, this is not a question to the forum but a quick message to express how cool it feels to see the progress bar reaching 100% when migrating my app. ;-) Thanks!
  8. I have a .rar file with my code. Studio.mobilize.net does not allow me to upload it! How shall I proceed? I don't have winzip available ...
  9. When in "My Solutions" page, I see several solutions I have previously uploaded still in Orange and with the In Progress symbol on top. How do I stop that progress or cancel it for each solution? It is necessary to do that before I re-submit the same or another solution with the same name? Thanks, Iván
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