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MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

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When attempting to cast multidimensional arrays, I get the error,  "Additional information: AIS-Exception. Cannot cast a System.String[,] to a System.String[]".

This occurs in the ArraysHelper class, under the method,  "public static TA CastArray<TA>(Array srcArray) where TA : class".

The method works fine when passing single dimensional arrays. 

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Thanks Kevin,


Could you please include the definition of mobjEmployeeL2.EmployeeArray in both languages VB6 and C#, and the definition of astrGridData  in vb6?


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Hey Olman,


Just discovered the small error - the class that in which the object is instantiated from has a property of a single dimensional array. It's now fixed, but I've attached snippet if you're still interested.





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