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How to improve the Overall Readiness of my app?


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My overall readiness pie chart shows red and yellow portions.  I really want to use WebMAP in my project as I have a very tied schedule and limited budget to deliver it as an HTML5 app. 

What can I do to reduce these red and yellow areas so that the output will need less custom work?

Can I create my own Custom Packages?  If so, can I submit them back to Studio.Mobilize.Net to run another assessment and get a new Overall Readiness result?

How do I know which are the problematic PMEs I need to address via Custom Packages?

How do I know which are the red PMEs?  What is Mobilize.Net recommendation regarding red PMEs?



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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi isanabria, thanks for your interest in WebMap.

Here's a blog post explaining what the application readiness is and how to get in contact with us to migrate your application even if the readiness is low by letting us customize WebMap to generate the best possible code for your application.


In general we don't recommend modifying the source application just to get it ready for a migration, this adds a lot of work to our clients and it can introduce bugs to the source application that will be hard to track. 

Regarding creating your own custom packages, that is not possible at this point, but we would be happy to help you creating them for you and getting WebMap tailored to your specific application.

Please contact us or reply to this post if you have additional questions about the customizations to WebMap.

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