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Help me find this OCX,DLL,EXE? *stuck at reference list*


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My VB6 conversion effort requires the referencing the  "Microsoft Word 16.0 Object Lib" under the Name column and the Path area is empty.  This is the last dll/ocx/exe I need to reference to get to the next step.  Is there a way to force the conversion even without this line referenced?




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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi @wangw, thanks for choosing the VBUC to modernize your VB applications.

References to the Office libraries (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) need to point to the automation object library file for the corresponding application, these files have the OLB extension.

In the case of Word it is located in the path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\[OFFICE VERSION]\MSWORD.OLB
You can fix the reference by right-clicking on it in the VBUC and browsing for this path

This type of errors with "unresolved references" can usually be avoided by making sure you have compiled your VB6 application in the environment where you have installed the VBUC. VB6 will let you know if there's a missing third party component that you need to install before executing the migration.

Please let us know if this works.

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