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errores email de confirmación


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I received this message upon creating an account in the webpage



1.       I received the email and there is a typo there:


Sorry, This email confirmation link has expired.


However you can try to registrer again or contact us if you have any additional issue.




2.  When creating an account in the forum 


Sorry, there is a problem


This member is not awaiting validation


Error code: 2S129/2






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After I finally created my account, I tested the tool. Result:

Sorry, looks like your application needs some work before it can be migrated to HTML. Your code may include some properties, methods, or events we haven’t mapped yet. Please contact us so we can learn more; we may already have a solution!

Some good info after that.

Application tested with Webmap:


Thank you for the demo, good info!

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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi mdiazg, thanks for your interest in WebMap.

As you can imagine, the number of different components used by .NET WinForms applications is huge. 

In order to convert a component from WinForms to HTML5 using a modern web architecture (which is the main goal of WebMap) we need to create different "mappings" for each component, these mappings will define how each one of the Properties, Methods and Events (PMEs) of the components is generated in the Web application.

WebMap has support for the most commonly used WinForms components (both Microsoft and 3rd Party components), and more mappings are added every week.


In the case of your application, it seems that there are several libraries that aren't supported at this moment for your application.


Even though some manual work is expected when you migrate any application using WebMap (some related to unsupported components and some due to differences in the platforms, things such as registry or filesystem access for example), we are allowing users with applications that have at least 80% of their PMEs supported by WebMap. If the support is lower than that we can still convert the application but we would like to have a session with the users to explain the results and discuss alternatives on those elements not supported automatically already.


Please let us know if you still want to convert the application so we can set up a session with you.




- Will

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