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VBUC does not find any projects


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I am trying to use the VBUC tool to migrate a VB6 application to C#. 

The tool does not find an existing .sln file which contains the application. 

The folder I selected contains the .sln file. However, an error occures after selecting the source and the destination folders - "No projects were found, please select another source folder". The FAQ doesn't elaborate on how the source folder should be selected.

Can someone explain how should I select the source folder? What exactly is VBUC looking for?




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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hello Tommy,

Are you sure the application is VB6? VB6 used .vbp and .vbg files to represent projects/groups of projects. That is what the VBUC looks for.

.sln files are for .NET solutions. Maybe your application is a VB.Net application?


We have another tool to convert VB.Net to C#, but only as part of a migration to Web and it is used internally. 

If you do have a VB.Net Winforms application that you want to take to Web, please send an email to [email protected] and we will schedule a session to discuss.




- Will

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