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License Costs?


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Dear sirs.

Is there a page on your website where I can see up front the cost of the License?. The truth is that almost no real project is under 10k lines.

I would like to know this first before running any trial/test which requires time and research to finally decide if this is the right tool regading cost/benefit.

Thanks and best regards.

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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

We realize that it can be off-putting to not be able to provide pricing without learning more about your application. In order to provide pricing for the standard VBUC license, we rely on our assessment tools to determine the size of the application. Size is measured in effective lines of code (ELOC). ELOC ignores blank and comment lines. You can download the assessment tool from here: https://studio.mobilize.net/Assessment/DownloadOfflineAssessmentWizard. Once you've sent us the zipped assessment results, we can turn around pricing options fairly quickly. The report will also provide information to determine the level of automation that you can expect from the VBUC. In addition, it will also tell us about third-party components, Windows API calls, and other potential challenges. All very important to understand, when price alone is not enough to determine over value and return on investment.

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