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VBUC doublejump to web?


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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

The good news is if you have VB6 you can take that app all the way to the Web. This in itself is pretty amazing, kind of like taking a Fokker tri-plane from WWI and turning it into a space ship.Here's the basic idea:

  1. Use VBUC to migrate your VB6 code to .NET with C# as the output language. 
  2. Get the resulting C# app to compile with no errors. Warnings are ok and you don't have to worry at this point about runtime issues.
  3. Sign up on studio.mobilize.net for a free account and create a new WebMAP3 migration.
  4. Point the assessment tool at your new C# application.
  5. Run the assessment and check the results. 
  6. Queue the migration for either Kendo or Angular targets.
  7. Get the output. Now you can focus on fixing runtime issues and those things from your original VB6 desktop app that don't have a corollary in a Web app. 
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