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dataform.ocx will not register

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I am using a Windows 10 system for the conversion to VB.net. 
Most has gone swimmingly, but I get "Did not find a registered ActiveX control
in ....\dataform.ocx" error in the new build. 

dataform.ocx was missing from the project, so I downloaded version
(file size 529 kB, date modified 06/24/1998 1:00 AM) from Microsoft and
placed it in C:\Windows\SysWow64. 

Then I attempted to register it using Regsvr32.exe.  I get the error "Module
dataform.ocx was loaded but the call to DLLRegisterServer failed with error code
0x80004005".  The 0x80004005 error code means there is a permissions problem. 
However, I am logged in as an administrator AND ran the program as Administrator. 

I have tried un-registering it (same error).  Any suggestions?  Getting rid of
dataform.ocx altogether is an option, but I'm not sure what that involves (what
VB.net substitutions are needed for the wrapped-up VB6 ActiveX needs).


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