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Hello and thanks for your interest in our migration technology.

There are several things that need to be done before migrating a VB6 application, including:

- Completing a source dev environment. This should include all the source VB6 code and third party components. The code must compile and be debuggable, this is important both for the migration process and afterwards when you are performing manual changes to the migrated code to debug source and migrated applications side-by-side.

- Defining the strategy for third party components. If there are libraries not supported by the VBUC they can either be used through COM Interop (some old components cannot be used this way), manually replaced by .NET equivalents or our team can customize the VBUC for you to automatically convert this component to another one in .NET (this is especially useful for elements used in many places).

- Identifying the best set of migration options to make sure the migrated code is the best for your source VB6. This means executing the migration process a few times and comparing the results and the issues remaining in such code.

- Once the code is migrated you can move it to a .NET environment as long as you have already registered any COM components that you will leave in the migrated application. Otherwise you might have problems compiling the application. This doesn't have to be a separate environment although most people prefer to do so.


Our team can help you with all these steps and we even offer a quick start package that includes some on-site work with one of our migration architects to get you started without wasting any time. We can also execute part or all the project if you prefer so.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or by phone at +1.425.609.8458.




- Will


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