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No project converts

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Hi, I am a little confused to what you mean. VBUC was installed under the default installers location. The small project I am attempting to convert is on the desktop. Have i misunderstood you?

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Sorry for the misunderstanding.

The VBUC requires all the references to all third party components as well as any library that is part of the VB6 project . The best way to validate that is compiling the vb6 code in the same machine where the VBUC tool is installed.

You can get more information about how to prepare the code to be migrated by visiting our VBUC System Requirements page


Please, verify the vb6 code in your machine compiles and them try converting that code.



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Based on your log file, it looks like you might have a corrupted installation of VBUC. It happens--I had the same problem not that long ago. Good news is you can follow the steps here to fix it: https://www.mobilize.net/vbtonet/error-retrieving-the-com-class-factory-for-component-with-clsid-7b11c67c12-105a-4f42-a5c8-cb9070f2855a7d-failed-due-to-the-following-error-80040154


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Thank you OlmanQuesada for your time. It's appreciated. John, you were correct. The instructions worked.

Thank you, both. Good response time also.

Where is the rep button for you guys?

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