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VB6 to 2017 C# Migration


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  We are trying to convert vb6 to C# using winforms from Windows10 and facing the following issues after conversion.

  1. Code is not compiling in VS.
  2. We are seeing errors where dlls are missing or dlls are not loaded or referenced properly.

Please let us know what needs to be done in order to get this issue resolved at the earliest.

We have around 22 projects within solution and every project has the same issue. Thank you in advance!



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  • Mobilize.Net Staff

Hi Ramya,

Code migrated not necessarily compiles without requiring manual changes and having installed in the machine where the VS.Net code is located all thirdy party components required by the vb6application and are used via COM interop by the .Net migrated code.

After migrating the vb6 code you may need to address the following issues in order to have the code compiling:

1. Make sure all dll's (COM and Assembly ones) and thirdy party components used by the vb6 application and used via COM Interop by the migrated code are installed on the development machine where Vs.Net code is located. If dll's required by the migrated code are not in the .Net development environment, then, missing references errors are thown by Vs.Net.

2. EWIs review:

In the generated code you may find some messages inserted by the Upgrade tool that provide some useful information about code patterns/methods/events that have not a direct equivalent in .Net and require your attention:

a.UPGRADE_TODO: (1065) Error handling statement (Resume Next | On Error Goto) could not be converted. 

b.UPGRADE_TODO: (1067) Member <member> is not defined in type <type> 

c.UPGRADE_ISSUE: (2064) <Object> (method | property | event) <member> was not upgraded 

d.UPGRADE_WARNING: (206) Untranslated statement in <method> 

e.UPGRADE_ERROR: (1010) The preceding line couldn't be parsed 

3. If the converted application connects to a Database, some adjustments in the connection string may be needed.


Please le tme know if this resolve your question.





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