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VBUC hangs, CPU peaks


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I'm testing the trial version of VBUC and just using the interface to see what everything does. Within minutes I just seemed to have wrecked the application.

  1. I created a new project. Selected a VB6 source path. The project is small, only 7K lines.
  2. The projects loads (within seconds) and is being shown in the list.
  3. I remove the project from the list.
  4. I use the "Add project" button to add the same project again. Nothing happens, no errors.
  5. I repeat step 4 again to check what happened because I need my project to load. Again, nothing seems to happen, except for the CPU that goes crazy.
  6. VBUC does not respond any more. I need to kill it.

If you need a monkey for testing your application, I am available for the price of one VBUC license for unlimited lines of code. 😊

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