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  1. Great GUI, and great that there is a log and an error report. It is possible to read the “issues” right there in the program (not check the exported csv)? And this might be a big extension, but it would be pretty positive to have some in-tool write/debug ability. Such as a text box you can paste or write some code in, and see the output (copy and paste-able) in a text box on the other side… or something. Just some ideas. Thanks.
  2. I threw some code in the tool yesterday morning, and had a huge chunk of comments go missing. It might have something to do with a collect statement or the fact that the comments were a create table that was not necessary at the time, but left in the code in case it might be needed in the future. I don’t think that’s too uncommon. Here’s the original (simplified): SEL * FROM VOL_TABLE COLLECT STATISTICS COLUMN (DATE) ON VOL_TABLE; 30 lines of commented out code DELETE TABLE2 INSERT INTO TABLE2… The output has: SELECT * FROM PUBLIC.VOL_TABLE A si
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