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  1. Hi, UWP conversion not even started. When I press the 'Start' button, it just freezes for a prolonged time. Thanks.
  2. Hi, My WP 8.0 Silverlight project is not that huge. It has many logics and pages. Input Project is free with compile errors. Mobilize tool is freezing after a long time and makes the Visual Studio 2015 to crash or restart. No log file generated yet. Please provide resolution at the earliest. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've installed Mobilize latest build with Visual Studio 2015 Professional Update 1 and Windows 10 SDK 10586.15. When I try to convert my existing Windows Phone 8.0 Silverlight project to UWP, Visual Studio 2015 is not responding and it crashed. Please let me know the workarounds to fix this irrelevant behavior. Thanks, S M A Sithick
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