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  1. Hello again Zimo85, We were able to reproduce a similar installation problem in our side. However it'll be useful to know which Visual Studio version you use for working with your Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1 SL application? . You said you have VS2008, VS2010 and VS2017Community. The conversion tool needs to have the Windows Phone 8/8.1SL project opened in Visual Studio to start the conversion and to ensure all the required dependencies are present . Thanks again, Luis
  2. Hi Zimo85, We need some time to reproduce your configuration on our side so we can offer you a solution. Maybe we will need to generate an alternative installer or determine an alternative installation strategy. We will get back to you as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience
  3. I'd just send you a private forum message with a link and instructions to run a 64bit version of the tool.
  4. Hi Andrew, We're looking for a way to enable the tool to use more memory.However more information on the project you're trying to process will be useful. Are you trying to process a solution with one big project? or the solution has many small projects? Thanks, Luis
  5. Hi, This error message means that you have to compile the project before running the conversion tool. This is required since we need to perform static analysis on the code and we need to make sure that all the dependencies are resolved. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Do you have Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 installed? If so, we still don't have a solution for this problem, however a workaround described in the following post seems to work : https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/2891723/microsoft-appxpackage-targets-causes-build-failures This workaround needs to be applied only for running the conversion process. Thanks
  7. Herb, Is there another file in your .CSPROJECT which has the ‘AutoGen’, ‘DesignTime’ and ‘DependentUpon’ tags? . For example the one you sent us: <Compile Include="Resources\AppResources.Designer.cs"> <DependentUpon>AppResources.resx</DependentUpon> <AutoGen>True</AutoGen> <DesignTime>True</DesignTime> </Compile> Is there another ‘Compile’ tag with this structure which is referenced as a link? Or is there another file in your project that is referenced as a <link>? Thanks again, Luis
  8. Thomas (500driver), Those kind of warnings are generated when the tool finds invocations to APIs that don’t have a registered conversion action. In this specific case (System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary) it is not a problem because this class exists in the target platform (UWP), For a list of all registered APIs with its mapping actions see: https://github.com/MobilizeNet/UWPConversionMappings/blob/master/code_mappings_listing.md
  9. Herb, if possible, can you send me the MigrationLog.txt? If not it will be useful to know the way you are referencing .RESX files . Again the exception described above is related to processing .CS files generated from RESX files. Thanks again, Luis
  10. Hi, I was able to reproduce with problem by creating a separate project with a RESX file which is added as a link . This is the scenario that Thomas (500driver) described: <Compile Include="..\KeyRing\Resources\AppResources.pt-BR.Designer.cs"> <Link>Resources\AppResources.pt-BR.Designer.cs</Link> <AutoGen>True</AutoGen> <DesignTime>True</DesignTime> <DependentUpon>AppResources.pt-BR.resx</DependentUpon> </Compile> I guessing but I can tell that AppResources.pt-BR.resx is also added as a link (that is, a file that is stored in a directory separated from the .csproj directory. I understand this is a common pattern when sharing fields between projects with different targets. Would it be possible to move this files inside de project directory structure? This is only required to perform the migration and to verify if this is the problem. As for herb, can you verify is there’s a file added as Link in your CSPROJ WP8 projects? Thanks, Luis
  11. Maybe we didn't consider some particular scenario. The project that has the resource file is a WP8 library csproject? or is it a portable class library csproject? I'm going to try to reproduce the problem on our side with the information that you gave us. Thanks, Luis
  12. Hi, We're having problem reproducing this problem in our environment. The problem occurs while the conversion tool is trying to process resource (resx) files which contain an associated C#(.cs) file with properties for each resource key. It seems that the tool is not able to find one of these C# (.cs) files. If possible can you send us the 'MigrationLog.txt' file?. Also if possible , can you tell us if the .csproj file you're processing has entries entries like: <Compile Include="Resources\AppResources.Designer.cs"> <AutoGen>True</AutoGen> <DesignTime>True</DesignTime> <DependentUpon>AppResources.resx</DependentUpon> </Compile> Thanks
  13. Hi, For us it’s difficult to diagnose the problem with the information we have. Can you send us the last text that is displayed on the wizard after starting the conversion process? For example in the screenshot attached to this message it says that the current task being executed is “LoadProjectsTask”. Can you send us a screenshot of the wizard when it stops responding? Is the output directory empty? Also, can you try to convert a small “Hello world” WP8 project? A new WP8 Silverlight project using the default Visual Studio template is enough. This will help us determine if the problem is related to the installation process or to the conversion of your application. Thanks again
  14. Thank you for taking the time to report this problem . We need to get more information from you in order to diagnose the problem. Are you processing a large WP 8.0 Silverlight project? Is the project part of a large solution? Does the input project compile without errors? Is the conversion tool crashing once it’s started? Or is it freezing after a long time? Also, please send us the contents of the MigrationLog.txt file which should be stored in the output directory. Thanks again
  15. Hi, First of all make sure, that the project compiles without errors and retry the conversion. If the error still occurs, then please let us now if you have the following scenario: A method definition that is marked as "async" , has "void" as its return type and is an explicit implementation of a interface method. For example: public interface MyInterface { void MyMethod(); } public class MyClass : MyInterface { async void MyInterface.MyMethod() { } } Is there a something similar to this scenario in your project? Thanks
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