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    Hi there - I am intrigued by your powerful tools! Here's what I have: a large legacy code base written in c# in Borland Dev Studio 2006. It is an n-tiered winforms app for running auto repair shops. The architecture is built using ECO - a UML modeling tool that was released with Borland Dev Studio 2006 that auto generates the persistence layer of the code as well as hold business logic in classic OO objects. We persist to MS SQL-Server. Generally speaking we follow the rules of n-tiered architecture faithfully and thus our 'back-end' code contains all of our business logic with some UI exceptions in the front end. Our front-end, and what we would want to be able to use on the web, is a winforms .exe containing lots of forms and functionality. Our front-end, as coded in Borland Dev Studio 2006, is a .NET 1.1 c# 32-bit winforms app. We use DevStudio winform controls for many datagrids, buttons, etc, etc. ECO uses .NET databinding with persistence mapper components to bind winform controls to UML attributes in ECO - ECO then persists these attributes to the database if/as needed... I realize that is probably a lot to chew on! How compatible would you think this is with your technologies?
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