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  1. Great! I made the change and everything went smoothly. In fact, a previous error I had was solved by Klint Rutkas over in the Windows forum who recognizes that I didn't have the latest version of Windows 10. Olman and Federico, thanks for your help. - Charlie
  2. Visual Studio Community 2015 V 14.0.24720.00 Update 1 SDK Windows 10.0.10586.15 By "Silverlight Bridge tool" I assume you mean the Mobilize Net Silverlight Bridge? I downloaded it 12/9/2015 8:00 AM EST. I have no idea what version it is since I can't install it. Is there a way to tell? Thanks for your response, - Charlie
  3. What do you say, folks, any movement on solving this? I have to wonder how Microsoft can publish some quotes from developers that have used this when there's at three of us (more?) that can't even get it installed.! Should we be waiting for a solution or should we just move on? Thanks for any response, - Charlie
  4. I also have this problem and I just downloaded a fresh copy this morning (12/9/15).
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