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  1. tillball

    Is there a way to diagnose errors?

    Ok, tue last File in the log was [CallGraphGenerationTask] Processing C:\Tfs\Simple Timesheet\Source\SimpleTimesheet.Shared\GlobalApp.cs So I suppose, this is the one that causes the error. I removed the throw new NotImplementedException() cleaned, rebuilt and reran sour tool => no changes What else could it be? Maybe you don´t support conditional compilation symbols?
  2. tillball

    Is there a way to diagnose errors?

    Hey, thx for your feedback. I´ve vow reverted my project back to c#5. However, now I´m getting a not implemented error (see attached file). Might this be, because some methods in my code throw a not implemented exception? Or is this on your side? Best Till MigrationLog.txt
  3. tillball

    Is there a way to diagnose errors?

    Ok, now I know what´s wrong. The tool does not understand new #c 6 features like expression bodies :-(
  4. For me with many projects, the tool ends with the following exception: Handled exception: The method or operation is not implemented.. Current file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Mobilize.Net Silverlight bridge\CodeMappings\System.Windows.Markup\ContentPropertyAttribute.map' Is there a way get into detail, why the exception occures? MigrationLog.txt

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