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  1. Hi Alberto, This really makes me feel how silly I was. Yes, it did work! Thanks your help! Since the DLL was already under a subfolder of the selected root, I thought it automatically finds the DLL. Lesson learnt! Thanks, Arvind MR
  2. Hello, I recently bought the Mobilize VBUC to convert from Classic ASP to ASP.NET for one of my website. While conversion, the tool is unable to resolve the references for OWC Charts. I am sure there is a DLL file (msowc.dll) in our code path, with which the tool can resolve the reference. But it fails to resolve the same. Please find the error below: Could you please let me know if Mobilize does not recognizes OWC Charts? or Can you help to fix this issue? Note: My application uses Chart depictions, which uses OWC. Thanks, Arvind MR
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