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  1. Hi Danny Paniagua, Here is my PC configuration - Operative System: Windows 10 (Enterprise)- Language: ENU- Edition: Enterprise- Version: 1703 - OS build 15063.1029 Note: I do not see the threshold information. Hope this help. Let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks Chi
  2. hi JuanManuel, I am able to make it work on Windows 7. The license is work. Is there any known issue for Windows 10? Thanks Chi
  3. Hi JuanManuel, Is there a specific step that i need to follow for installing license? Thanks Chi
  4. hi JuanManuel, I reinstalled the software in the original PC with the latest license that you provided, received the error. Then, I installed the software in the different Windows 10 PC, and I received the same issue. Does your software support Windows 10? Thanks, Chi Below is the error from the error log. [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] [CRASH] VBUC interrupted (Error:-2147221488) [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] Telemetria - Migration Exception { Message: VBUC interrupted (Error:-2147221488) } [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] ######### Error Processing project: [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] VBUC license is invalid [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] ErrorLength: 23 [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] ######### [04/26/2018 16:36:57:144] Telemetria - Migration Interrupted { LOCRemaining: 30000 RAM: 2047Mb PreProcessProgress: 0 UpgradeProgress: 0 } [04/26/2018 16:36:57:145] VBMigration.MigrateVb6Project ----> MigrateVb6Project(..., ...) Return=False [04/26/2018 16:36:57:145] VBMigration.MigrateVb6Project ----> END [04/26/2018 16:36:57:145] ExecuteInternal ----> END [04/26/2018 16:36:57:145] ProcessProject ----> ExecuteInternal(...) Result=False [04/26/2018 16:36:57:152] Avoided to create an empty .sln file because the upgraded project was not found. [04/26/2018 16:36:57:152] Total elapsed time: 00:00:01 [04/26/2018 16:36:57:152] ++++++++++++++++++++++UPGRADE ENDED++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  5. Hi JuanManuel, I updated the license with your provided license. i still received the same error "UBUC license is invalid". Is there thing that i have to do beside replacing the license? I am able to view the license through the your program. It indicates the license is for 30,000 lines of code and 10,000 LOC limit per solution. The expiration date 04/24/2018 - 05/24/2018. Would you like me to resend the license that i used. Thanks Chi
  6. Absolutely, here is the license that your company provided. VBUC.lic
  7. Good morning, I downloaded the evaluation copy of UBUC to try out the tool to convert my Vb6 application into VB .NET (target language is Visual Basic). Flowed the conversion steps and receive the "VBUC license is invalid" when execute the step 4 Upgrade. Here is the summary of my project 1. VB6 with 8038 lines of code 2. Run on Windows 10 OS Virtual Machine 3. Visual Studio 2015 4. Third Party tools: Sheridan 3D, FarPoint 3.0, Component One etc ... Attached is the log file and the assessment report. AssessmentWizard.exe VBUMLOGFILE.log
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