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  1. Hi Romeo, We studied your case and it seems it happened for two possible reasons. 1) It seems like you skipped the form to register in Mobilize. 2) The second possibility could be you used a different email from step 1. Please let me know if it fixes your problem.
  2. Good to hear that. We will definitely look deeper into the issue to identify what was causing it. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi Chi, Let's work this together. To answer your previous question the VBUC can be installed on a Windows 10 computer, it shouldn't be an issue. I want to understand the whole process you are doing so I need a few things from your side. Setting up the VBUC license can be done through the "browse for existing license file". Select the new license you were given. After selecting the license, go to tools>license info. It should appear in here. The next thing I want to check is if you are able to apply the VBUC to a sample code. When you downloaded the VBUC it came in a .zip file. Inside of it, you will find a SampleCode.Zip. Select as the solution on the VBUC the folder (path: Sample_code>SKS>SKS_VB6) and apply the migration process. Please let me know if you still get the issue with this particular project. If you don't get any error the issue might be related to your particular project or the settings selected on upgrade options. If you still get the issue we can set up a meeting, for us to check what is causing the problem. Regards
  4. Hi Chi, Can you please uninstall the VBUC tool and re-install it again, but use the new license as reference.
  5. Hi Chi We were able to properly identify the issue, thanks for the feedback. I am sending via email the steps on how are we going to proceed. Happy Migration Regards
  6. Hi Chi, Sorry for the inconvenience. We were able to identify the issue but we just need to validate it with you. Is it possible to attach the license (.lic) you were provided by email to the forum? Regards
  7. The following document intends to explain how the Custom Maps feature works. It was created to provide the users more control over the migration process. This feature allows the user to specify customized simple mappings. Now we can decide which elements to transform and what transformation to apply. Please feel free to ask if you have any doubts about it. Regards Mobilize.Net VBUC Custom Mappings.pdf
  8. This document is intended for the VBUC tool created by Mobilize. The document introduces the user on how to properly setup the application, how to do your first migration process and many other cool features. The guide provides tips and recommendations but is not written in stone, we want our users to play around with the tool. Happy Migration Mobilize.Net VBUC Getting started Guide.pdf
  9. Hi Nas, I would like to ask for two things. Could you provide the Log file generated and also could you provide the project/solution you are using. It'd help us find the issue. Thanks.
  10. Hi Nas, We were able to reproduce the error in a very specific scenario. The issue happens only if the ASP file has two classes with the same name. For instance, if you have an ASP file with only one class “Query” the VBUC delivers the expected output. If the user has the name of the class duplicated in the same file the error occurs as you state, can you please check if you have the class “Query” in the same file without noticing.
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