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  1. Hi, You can contact our sales department via email for more information, [email protected]
  2. Hello, For this specific scenario, the VBUC was unable to resolve the reference to the dll containing the class OWC.Chart. In these circumstances, you can right click over the unresolved createobject in that list, and choose the "Set Reference manually" to indicate the location of the dll containing that class. Please let me know if that works for you. Regards,
  3. Hello Kevin, Could you share a sample code in VB6 where that is happening, please?
  4. Hello Thomas, You can contact our sales department via email, [email protected], Alberto.
  5. Upgrade from TDBG 6 to TDBG 7 Summary The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion supports TrueDBGrid 7.0 and later versions, but not TrueDBGrid version 6.0. To migrate code containing version 6 controls, you must first upgrade TDBG 6.0 to TDBG 7.0 Problem Description TrueDBGrid 6.0 defines some properties of the grid in the frx file, while TrueDBGrid 7.0 defines them in the frm file. When a project in Visual Basic has a form, which contains a grid of type True DB Grid 6.0, some characteristics, such as properties of columns, positions, and more are defined in the
  6. Hello Ocinar, Could you provide that sample code that you tried to migrate? It'd help us find the issue, at least if it's possible we'd like to check the code in CFunction file and Module_Globals. Thanks.
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