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  1. We have a few applications which all developed using Classic ASP. Would that be possible to use the same VBUC to migrate into .NET? or do we have any other specific tool which you are providing for the Classic ASP to .NET migration? Regards, Prasad
  2. Thank you. I'm able to build and and run the application. but still there are some issues. Would that be possible to provide some assistance from your end? Regards, Prasad
  3. Thank you. I have converted one VB application into c#. please find the target location. here i can see three folder. which one needs to be considered? where i need to add the App.Config file?
  4. Thank you so much. I was trying the free trail for converting VB 6.0 to .NET. I have .NET 4.8 version installed in my desktop, but in tool, i couldnt see the target version as 4.8. Am I missing something?
  5. We have a few legacy applications developed using Classic ASP and Visual Basic. Now we are thinking to migrate these applications into .NET(4.8/.NET Core/.NET 5.0/.NET 6.0). We are looking for some information regarding the Licensing part. I have seen that if we have MSDC subscription, free license will be provided for converting upto 10000 lines of code. Questions are below 1. What are the recommendations in terms of choosing .NET version for migrations. 2. Would that be possible to use the same free license for multiple applications with lines of code less than or equal to 10k? 3. We have many application with more than 10K lines of code.? what kind of additional license needs to be purchased? 4. Are you forecasting any challenges while using this VBUC for migrations? 5. How much amount of manual effort requires for the issues encountering during the upgrade?
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