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  1. Hi, There is only one class in the file. The file Query.asp in my previous post is complete. I have also looked in all files at classes/methods/variables named 'query' and have not found any occurrences.
  2. Nas

    Upgrade hangs

    Thank you OlmanQuesada. Recompiling all components has fixed the issue. Nas
  3. The VBUC does not convert all asp files. The code below is such an example Original: \general\data\app_code\Query.asp <% Class Query Private m_commandText Private m_commandTypeEnum Private m_commandParameters Public Property Let CommandText(strText) m_commandText = strText End Property Public Property Get CommandText() CommandText = m_commandText End Property Public Property Let CommandParameters(parameters) m_commandParameters = parameters End Property Public Property Get CommandParameters() CommandParameters = m_commandParameters End Property Public Property Let CommandTypeEnum(commandType) m_commandTypeEnum = commandType End Property Public Property Get CommandTypeEnum() CommandTypeEnum = m_commandTypeEnum End Property End Class %> Converted: \general\data\app_code\Query.aspx <script language="C#" runat="Server"> //@Class:Query </script> Is there a reason why they fail and how can I solve that? Thanks
  4. Nas

    Upgrade hangs

    The version of VBUC is: 8.0.21218.1 Regards, VBUC-Support-Files.zip
  5. Nas

    Upgrade hangs

    Hi, What could be the reason why an ugrade hangs during upgrade? Also cpu for the "Freedom Engine COM Server" at 100% Many thanks

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