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  1. Shreenivas

    .dvb to vb.net

    Hi Olman, Just like VBA in Excel, AutoCAD too has a VBA. Unlike Excel the project (the forms, modules, classes and a special class ThisDrawing) is stored in this file. Like a VB6 project it also stores the dll and ocx refences. I am unaware how the .dvb file can be read without AutoCAD application.
  2. Shreenivas

    .dvb to vb.net

    I have some forms, modules and classes designed in VBA 6 in AutoCAD. These are stored in a file with extension .dvb. Is it possible to convert these to vb.net? I would like to try it out and for that I have created a sample .dvb file for purpose of trials. I am attaching the sample file for reference. TrimedDVB.dvb
  3. Shreenivas

    COM or no COM

    Thanks. This mostly answers the questions. You mentioned that the interop may bock some of tbe properties and functionality of the original Active-X. Does it also mean that the .Net equivalents are designed to retain all the properties and functionality of the original Active-X?
  4. Shreenivas

    COM or no COM

    While migrating from vb6 to vb.net we are offered a choice to use COM or not (i.e. use SS??? components). 1) What should be the deciding criteria? 2) Would the interop components work on 64bit Windows 10 professional?

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