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  1. After conversion SMP function fails on below highlighted code VB6 Code:Public Function If VBA.IsObject(strGrpName) = Fa GetSPMProp(ByVal strGrpName As Variant, _ ByVal strPrpName As String, _ ByRef blnExists As Boolean) As Variant Dim spmGrp As COMSVCSLib.SharedPropertyGroup Dim spmPrp As COMSVCSLib.SharedProperty Dim blnGrpExists As Boolean ' get the SPM group lse Then Set spmGrp = GetSPMGroup(LockSetGet, strGrpName, blnGrpExists) Else Set spmGrp = strGrpName
  2. I have converted my vb6 code to c#, after conversion i ran the application and i am getting below for CopyMemory function in kernal32.cs Marshal.StructureToPtr(Dest, source, true) Error: System.AccessVoilationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
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