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  1. Hi Olman, Thanks for the reply! I did what you said - changed the option from 'Binary' to 'Source Code', and no crash! I never noticed it but when I change the Target Language to Visual Basic, that option automatically changes to 'Binary'. I don't know what it's for so I didn't pay much attention to that option. So I assume you don't need more information about frmSGIInvoicing, but if you do, I actually sent a link to the VB6 project via Dropbox to John Browne a couple days ago...maybe he can share it with you? Or I can send you your own invitation if you want. Does this mean that we don't need to do the meeting with Robert tomorrow morning after all? Or was it going to be for getting the upgraded code working? Thanks a bunch, Jamie
  2. Hello, I was directed by John Browne to post my issue here, so here it goes... The below pertains to a Windows XP Professional 32-bit virtual machine with 1.5GB RAM (VirtualBox v5.0.26 r108824). The host machine is Windows 10 Professional (not sure if that matters, but there you go). I'm having an issue with Step 4 - when I first ran it, I didn't notice that the 'Target Language' was set to 'CSharp', so I ran it as is, and everything seemed to have gone fine. However, at some point shortly thereafter, I realized that it was set to CSharp…but I want 'Visual Basic'. I started all over and tried it again, but this time set that option to 'Visual Basic'. It seemed to have worked, but at the very end it gave me an error message (screenshot attached). I closed out VBUC, reopened and tried to run it again, with Visual Basic selected, and got the same exact error at the same point - the very end. I tried again, but left CSharp selected, no error. So there's something definitely about the 'Visual Basic' option that it's not liking. I also attached my VBUMLOGFILE.log file. I'd be happy to provide any more information that you guys may require. VBUC Error.bmp VBUMLOGFILE.log
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