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  1. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, I already had attached my the info of my license. Now, I hope you found it attached. regards marco
  2. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, the license is myne Marco De Carolis. As i told I get the license several years ago after bought a visual studio version. best ragards decarolis marco
  3. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, my license is not a simple trial. I had a license with a limit of 10k of line but not for a 1 time only, infinite. regards marco
  4. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, I have tried to a virtual machine with Windows XP but always the same problem. On my pc I have uninstalled and after restart installed with admin privileges but the problem still is present. regards marco
  5. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, Windows 10 professional 64bit italian I have lenovo w530 thinkpad I7 3740. regards marco
  6. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, the version number is and
  7. license fingerprint

    Hi, I tried to create my first solution translating a vb6 project. WhenI start the upgrade method I reciive: " The license fingerprint isnull" What I have to do? regards marco