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  2. Some errors occured

    Please try this one: https://github.com/Microsoft/msbuild/issues/778 Regards, Olman
  3. Some errors occured

    I am also having this exact problem and using VS 2015 update 3. Tried going to the link above but the page is not found. Any updates?
  4. MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

    Thanks Kevin, I'm glad to hear the issue is gone. As you mentioned, by just modifying the property return type would fix the issue. Cheers, OlmanQ
  5. MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

    Hey Olman, Just discovered the small error - the class that in which the object is instantiated from has a property of a single dimensional array. It's now fixed, but I've attached snippet if you're still interested. Thanks, Kevin castArrayError.cs
  6. MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

    Thanks Kevin, Could you please include the definition of mobjEmployeeL2.EmployeeArray in both languages VB6 and C#, and the definition of astrGridData in vb6? OlmanQ
  7. MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

    Error occurs on line 74. Comments above, from line 69 -71. Thanks, Kevin VBUC_CastArray_Sample.cs
  8. MultiDimensional Array with ArraysHelper

    Hi Kevin, Could you send us a code sample where this error is happening? Please includes all variables definitions. Regards, OlmanQ
  9. When attempting to cast multidimensional arrays, I get the error, "Additional information: AIS-Exception. Cannot cast a System.String[,] to a System.String[]". This occurs in the ArraysHelper class, under the method, "public static TA CastArray<TA>(Array srcArray) where TA : class". The method works fine when passing single dimensional arrays.
  10. rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hi Michael, ADO.Net does not provide a direct way to achieve that, so the migrated code should be modified to get a similar result. As the ADORecordsetHelper inherits from a Dataset, the properties of that class could be used: Given rs is a ADORecordsetHelper you can try the following: DataRow rowDel=ds.Tables["table1"].Rows[<IndexOfTheRowToDelete>]; rs.Tables["table1"].Rows.Remove(rowDel); rs.Delete() Cheers, OlmanQ
  11. rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hi Olman, We populate the recordset with a join of table1 and table2. In some other place in code we need to delete the record from table1. In order to do it we use rs.delete. Without rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table1" the recordset will delete the records from both tables and not just table1. Please let me know if it's still not clear. Thanks, Michael
  12. rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hi Michael, Could be that possible to give us more context about the code. Perhaps a small VB6 sample code. Regards Olman Q
  13. rs.Properties("Unique Table")

    Hello, VBUC didn't convert the code: rs.Properties("Unique Table") = "table_name" Do you have any recommendations how to handle it? Thanks, Michael
  14. License FAQ

    How do you get a license for the VBUC trial? This question comes up frequently. When you sign up for a trial, our bot will automatically send you a "welcome" email with a .lic file attached. You can save that file somewhere and browse to it from the licensing screen inside the VBUC. The license will let you TEST the VBUC on a VB6 project up to 10,000 lines of code. But sometimes the email gets blocked, or sent to a spam folder, because it has an attachment. You don't actually need the email at all. You can download the license directly from inside the VBUC licensing screen. This article explains how. Your only requirement is to use the same email address you used to sign up for the trial. That's how we index the database--if you use a different email address we won't be able to generate a license. If you need larger trial license, contact us. We can arrange for that in most cases but we need to understand the reason first.
  15. license fingerprint

    Hi Marco, Let's continue with this support via email. I'll contact you at the email indicated in your profile. Olman Q
  16. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, I already had attached my the info of my license. Now, I hope you found it attached. regards marco
  17. license fingerprint

    Hi Marco, Thanks for the info. Our License department is asking for the license info. This cab be got from the VBUC in the menu Tools->License Info. If you can send me a screenshot that would help to track the info for that license. Regards Olman Q
  18. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, the license is myne Marco De Carolis. As i told I get the license several years ago after bought a visual studio version. best ragards decarolis marco
  19. license fingerprint

    Hi Marco, Could you please indicate me on behalf of whom is the license. I'm asking this in order to generate a new license with the exact information. Regards
  20. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, my license is not a simple trial. I had a license with a limit of 10k of line but not for a 1 time only, infinite. regards marco
  21. VBU.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...

    Hi Jamie, Sorry for the delay. The Helpers are written in C#, so when the code is migrated to VB.Net, the VBUC switches the "Helper Integration" option to binary, but you can change it back to "Source Code". We've found the error is not present when the code is converted to a newer version of VS.Net (like 2013/2015). Regards, Olman Q
  22. license fingerprint

    Hi Marco, I think the VBUC.Lic file may be corrupted. I'm resending to you a trial versions license to migrate up to 10K lines of code, please check your email. Please, re-install the VBUC and use the attached Trial_VBUC.Lic to activate the trial version. Regards
  23. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, I have tried to a virtual machine with Windows XP but always the same problem. On my pc I have uninstalled and after restart installed with admin privileges but the problem still is present. regards marco
  24. license fingerprint

    Hi Olman, Windows 10 professional 64bit italian I have lenovo w530 thinkpad I7 3740. regards marco
  25. license fingerprint

    Hi Marco, I need some additional info in order to reproduce the issue. Could you please indicate which OS are you running on? Any other useful information about how you get this error would be helpful. Another option. You can try installing and running the VBUC (using admin rights) in a fresh machine. Regards, Olman Q
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