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  2. Not converting VBScript classes in Classic ASP

    Hi Nas, I would like to ask for two things. Could you provide the Log file generated and also could you provide the project/solution you are using. It'd help us find the issue. Thanks.
  3. Hi, There is only one class in the file. The file Query.asp in my previous post is complete. I have also looked in all files at classes/methods/variables named 'query' and have not found any occurrences.
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  5. vb6 to c# upgrade problem

    Hello Ocinar, Could you provide that sample code that you tried to migrate? It'd help us find the issue, at least if it's possible we'd like to check the code in CFunction file and Module_Globals. Thanks.
  6. vb6 to c# upgrade problem

    Hello. I wanted to try a small Project to from vb6 to c# but upgrade fails. Can you help me about this. Thank you. VBUMLOGFILE.log
  7. No project converts

    Glad we could help!
  8. No project converts

    Thank you OlmanQuesada for your time. It's appreciated. John, you were correct. The instructions worked. Thank you, both. Good response time also. Where is the rep button for you guys?
  9. No project converts

    Based on your log file, it looks like you might have a corrupted installation of VBUC. It happens--I had the same problem not that long ago. Good news is you can follow the steps here to fix it: https://www.mobilize.net/vbtonet/error-retrieving-the-com-class-factory-for-component-with-clsid-7b11c67c12-105a-4f42-a5c8-cb9070f2855a7d-failed-due-to-the-following-error-80040154
  10. No project converts

    Hi, Sorry for the misunderstanding. The VBUC requires all the references to all third party components as well as any library that is part of the VB6 project . The best way to validate that is compiling the vb6 code in the same machine where the VBUC tool is installed. You can get more information about how to prepare the code to be migrated by visiting our VBUC System Requirements page https://www.mobilize.net/support/documentation/VBUC-system-requirements Please, verify the vb6 code in your machine compiles and them try converting that code. OlmanQ
  11. Control array not upgraded

    Hi Good to hear that. OlmanQ
  12. Not converting VBScript classes in Classic ASP

    Hi Nas, We were able to reproduce the error in a very specific scenario. The issue happens only if the ASP file has two classes with the same name. For instance, if you have an ASP file with only one class “Query” the VBUC delivers the expected output. If the user has the name of the class duplicated in the same file the error occurs as you state, can you please check if you have the class “Query” in the same file without noticing.
  13. Upgrade hangs

    Thank you OlmanQuesada. Recompiling all components has fixed the issue. Nas
  14. The VBUC does not convert all asp files. The code below is such an example Original: \general\data\app_code\Query.asp <% Class Query Private m_commandText Private m_commandTypeEnum Private m_commandParameters Public Property Let CommandText(strText) m_commandText = strText End Property Public Property Get CommandText() CommandText = m_commandText End Property Public Property Let CommandParameters(parameters) m_commandParameters = parameters End Property Public Property Get CommandParameters() CommandParameters = m_commandParameters End Property Public Property Let CommandTypeEnum(commandType) m_commandTypeEnum = commandType End Property Public Property Get CommandTypeEnum() CommandTypeEnum = m_commandTypeEnum End Property End Class %> Converted: \general\data\app_code\Query.aspx <script language="C#" runat="Server"> //@Class:Query </script> Is there a reason why they fail and how can I solve that? Thanks
  15. Control array not upgraded

    Sorry, my bad. I had the "skeletons" option set in the VBUC. Now it works fine.
  16. No project converts

    Hi, I am a little confused to what you mean. VBUC was installed under the default installers location. The small project I am attempting to convert is on the desktop. Have i misunderstood you?
  17. Control array not upgraded

    Hi FGallagher, Is that possible to provide more info about the issue you are having? If would be helpful to get the following: 1. log file of the migration. You can get the log file by going to the Upgrade tab at the top of the VBUC and click on "Open Upgrade Log" button. 2. Screenshot of the error. Thanks, OlmanQ
  18. No project converts

    Hi, The vb6 application you're converting compiles in the machine where the VBUC is installed? OlmanQ
  19. No project converts

    Not even a new vb6 application with one button dropped onto it. Logfile attached VBUMLOGFILE.log
  20. Control array not upgraded

    Hi, my project did not migrate completely--I got a design error "ControlArray object was not upgraded" in the upgrade report. I thought control arrays were migrated?
  21. Analyzing your VB6 code

    Even if you don't have a license for the VBUC you can still use it to analyze your VB6 application. This analysis will provide you with some information about your project(s) like number of lines of code (LOC), design lines, components, and more. Launch the VBUC and point to a folder containing a *.vbp file (valid VB6 project). Then go to the Tools menu and click Assessment: Click run, and the assessment will process all the files it finds. If you get an "unresolved references" warning, you can click the "Resolve References" button on the left and resolve those references (right click the missing reference and browse to its external location). Results will appear in a browser:
  22. VB6 to 2017 C# Migration

    Hi Ramya, Code migrated not necessarily compiles without requiring manual changes and having installed in the machine where the VS.Net code is located all thirdy party components required by the vb6application and are used via COM interop by the .Net migrated code. After migrating the vb6 code you may need to address the following issues in order to have the code compiling: 1. Make sure all dll's (COM and Assembly ones) and thirdy party components used by the vb6 application and used via COM Interop by the migrated code are installed on the development machine where Vs.Net code is located. If dll's required by the migrated code are not in the .Net development environment, then, missing references errors are thown by Vs.Net. 2. EWIs review: In the generated code you may find some messages inserted by the Upgrade tool that provide some useful information about code patterns/methods/events that have not a direct equivalent in .Net and require your attention: a.UPGRADE_TODO: (1065) Error handling statement (Resume Next | On Error Goto) could not be converted. b.UPGRADE_TODO: (1067) Member <member> is not defined in type <type> c.UPGRADE_ISSUE: (2064) <Object> (method | property | event) <member> was not upgraded d.UPGRADE_WARNING: (206) Untranslated statement in <method> e.UPGRADE_ERROR: (1010) The preceding line couldn't be parsed 3. If the converted application connects to a Database, some adjustments in the connection string may be needed. Please le tme know if this resolve your question. Regards, OlmanQ
  23. VB6 to 2017 C# Migration

    Hi, We are trying to convert vb6 to C# using winforms from Windows10 and facing the following issues after conversion. Code is not compiling in VS. We are seeing errors where dlls are missing or dlls are not loaded or referenced properly. Please let us know what needs to be done in order to get this issue resolved at the earliest. We have around 22 projects within solution and every project has the same issue. Thank you in advance! Ramya
  24. COM or no COM

    As Olman said above, not all properties, methods, or events from ActiveX components are guaranteed to be supported by newer, equivalent classes in .NET
  25. Migration issue from VB 6 to VB.NET 2017

    Hi Devashi, I looks like your vb6 application is using that component/reference that is used in the migrated application as well via COM Interop. Before migrating a vb6 application, make sure the source code to be migrated compiles, that would help you to know if there are missing components/references. Some of those components can be converted to .Net equivalents but some others don't so they would be used via COM Interop. All those components that would be used via COM Interop by the migrated code will need to be properly installed in the machine where the .Net code is executed. Please let me know if that answers your question. OlmanQ
  26. Hi, I am trying to migrate an old project which was done in Visual Basic 6 to the latest Visual Studio 2017 VB.NET. I found your tool after carefully searching the internet and tried to use it to migrate my project. I was successfully able to migrate with some minor issues. However, I am unable to compile the application in Visual Studio 2017 since it gives me the following error: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error Did not find a registered ActiveX control in 'C:\Windows\System32\msdxm.tlb'. armDriverVBNetSupport D:\VB-Project1_.Net\Upgraded\armDriverVBNetSupport\AXIMP Could you please help?
  27. Upgrade hangs

    Hi Nas, The vb6 code is compiling on the machine where it's being migrated? I think I 'll need more info about the issue. Is it possible for you to send me the project being migrated. My email is oquesada@mobilize.net Regards, OlmanQ If so, it is possible for you to send me the project being migrated?
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